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We Are MishMish

WeAreMishMish is a channel run by Cupquake, Red, and their friends Mr. Sark & his wife. It is dedicated to cats and other animals with a new video that is released every week. The channel was started on January 16, 2013, and the first video was uploaded on March 1, 2013.


WeAreMishMish mainly focuses on four cats, two of which are owned by Cupquake and Red.

  • Hqdefault


    Link & Navi - two cats owned by Cupquake and Red. They are both named after the video game characters from The Legend of zelda

Other animalsEdit

WeAreMishMish also features other animals that appear as guests too.

  • Ruby - Cupquake's Yorkshire Terrier, is a dog she had to leave behind at her parents house when she moved in with Red.
  • Pixel - a rabbit owned by Melissa Valdes or MittyMoxx, Cupquake's sister-in-law.

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