Vengelfe (aka Annie) is YouTube gamer who plays Minecraft and The Sims 3. She is part of the Pixel Pact, alongside LDShadowLady, MittyMoxx, Nyanstrike, Yammy_xox and others. She was featured in the Enchanted Oasis, a semi-multiplayer series played on a server with Cupquake, LDShadowlady and MittyMoxx.

So far, she has posted a total of 18 episodes of Enchanted Oasis.

Enchanted Oasis Series Progression Edit


Annie's Enchanted Oasis Skin

  • She built a mushroom-themed house.
  • She tamed 2 horses and named them Maximus and Olympus.
  • She started on Thaumcraft and Ars Magica.
  • She used the Essence Pool.
  • She started on her butterfly garden.
  • She has tamed a donkey named Taika.
  • She bred Taika and Maximus Together and gave the offspring (a mule named Astric) to Cupquake.
  • She defeated the Lich King with the other girls.
  • She picked up the Lich King's Sceptor and obtained the power of The Lich King.
  • She went to the Twilight Forest.
  • She went to the Nether.

Vengelfe's Social Media Edit

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Minecraft- Enchanted Oasis "WELCOME!" 1

Minecraft- Enchanted Oasis "WELCOME!" 1