The To-Do List

Please remove tasks as they are completed

  1. Remove all extraneous categories from every page to create a clear and concise system of organization.
  2. Create a page format for Sims, Series, People, and Channels.
  3. Figure out which pages must be adjusted to meet this new format. Add to to-do list.
  4. Create an effective system of article-management templates.
  5. Create Series pages in accordance with the new format for (in no particular order)
    • Undertale
    • RL With Cupquake
    • Episode
    • The Walking Dead: Michonne
    • Party Hard
    • Firewatch
    • Slime Rancher
    • Her Story
    • Fan Mail Friday
    • App Games
    • Bioshock
    • Terraria
    • Facade
    • Super Meat Boy
    • Super Meat Boy Round 2
    • The Binding of Isaac
    • Braid
    • Dead Space
    • Amnesia
    • 12 Days of Christmas Minecraft Special
    • Don't Starve
    • McPixel
    • Fez
    • Moonbase Alpha
    • Cooperation Complex ft. Slyfoxhound
    • Nutshells
    • The Binding of Isaac Wraith of the Lamb
    • Life is Strange
    • The Walking Dead
    • Cosplay Tutorials
    • Fran Bow
    • Yandere Simulator
    • Until Dawn
    • Five Nights at Freddy's 1, 2, 3, and 4

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