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Minecraft with Cupquake ep12:05

Minecraft with Cupquake ep.1

First episode of Minecraft with Cupquake

Minecraft with Cupquake is the name of two Minecraft series created by Cupquake, following her building a house and surviving in the Minecraft world. The first series featured Cupquake playing the Minecraft beta version, while the second series is played in Minecraft 1.0. She has stopped this series and it has since been replaced with Minecraft Oasis.

Season 1


Season 1 Title Card

This is Cupquake's first Minecraft series ever created. It follows her building a house and surviving in the Minecraft world. Cupquake meets some fairies who tell her that monsters will get her however, she will raise a family of pets, Tootsie and Pooper.

download her world here


  • Tootsie - Cupquake's companion/sidekick, but after reaching level 20 with a guinea pig house ,she and her guinea family aged and she didnt move much. She passed away of old age (from a crash from the world) and Cupquake lost Tootsie.
  • Pooper - A guinea pig that cupquake had just as she got tootsie. Pooper was Tootsie's mother who raised her. Shortly after Pooper's death, Cupquake raised her daughter guinea Tootsie.

Season 2


Season 2 Title Card

We follow Cupquake defeating the enderdragon and raising a family. Cupquake swam for a trip. However, she got lost at sea and found land, a swamp. She walked from the swamp until she found a perfect spot for a house. She raised some guinea pigs and ponies with two dogs and has defeated The End.

Her seed is 7299272566764063809 (Only works on 1.0.0)


  • Tara - A guinea pig which Cupquake had during season 2, was the daughter guinea of Tootsie, grandchild of Pooper and Sister of WI-fi and Gizmo. She is cupquake's giant guinea pig through the break of science.
  • Wi-Fi - The guinea pig brother of Gizmo and Tara, son of Tootsie and grandchild of Pooper.
  • Gizmo - The guinea pig brother of Wi-Fi and Tara, son of Tootsie and grandchild of Pooper. He is twins with Wi-Fi and enjoys eating cupquake's wheat when she is not home.
  • Girl - The dog of cupquake. She as like Tara, had a break-through of science also.
  • Sugar Daddaye - Cupquake's schlump.
  • Cake - The first horse that Cupquake raised. Who later died after Cupquake tried to breed him to Mocha but didn't have enough love potion, so he reverted back to baby and then died from lack of care because Cupquake didn't know he was a baby.
  • Mocha - Second horse that Cupquake raised, meant to be Cake's mate.
  • Cookie - Third horse that Cupquake raised.
  • Cream - Fourth horse that Cupquake raised.
  • Ralph - Second dog that Cupquake tamed but she didn't do anything with him after taming him.
  • Link - Cupquake's cat.

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