Diversity 2
Stacy Ep131:04

Stacy Ep1

First Episode of Minecraft Diversity

Minecraft Diversity is a Mnecraft custom map playthrough series was created by Cupquake and is co-hosted by StacyPlays. The series began on September 5th, 2014. The series follows Cupquake and Stacy attempt to collect all of the colorful wool from different maps given to them.

Maps Edit


The first Minecraft Diversity map includes ten branches: Introduction, Adventure, Arena, Trivia, Parkour, Escape, Labyrinthian, Dropper, Survival, Puzzle and Boss Battle.

Diversity 2 Edit

The second diversity map includes the same ten branches from previous map, but several changes have been shown since the first map. The maps of the branches have been completely redesigned in the 2nd version.

Map Download Edit

Minecraft Diversity was created by qmagnet, and the map is currently available for download on the Minecraft Forums

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