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The Husband vs Wife Introduction

Husband vs Wife is a gaming series on the iHasCupquake channel that features Red and Cupquake competing against each other in varying competitive games. Suggestions for games they should play or challenges they should compete in are taken in the comment section of the series' videos.


The first episode of Husband vs Wife aired on February 16th, 2013, and the series has continued to present day. Games featured on the series have included Slender, Just Dance 2014, QWOP, and many more. The series, moreover, has included games and challenges that are not digital such as Tetris Jenga, and The Chubby Bunny Challenge. Yes but 

First EpisodeEdit

"ITS ON" Husband Vs08:01

"ITS ON" Husband Vs. Wife - Mortal Kombat


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