RedB15's Carnival Skin


Cupquake's Carnival was a series that ran on Machinima's main channel for three episodes from July 1, 2011 to July 4, 2011. The series consisted of Cupquake showing off the carnival she built in Minecraft. Videos of Cupquake building the carnival were aired on the iHasCupquake channel.

The first episode has been deleted by Machinima. MinecraftChick, SlyFoxHound, ChimneySwift11 were special guests on this series when they took a tour of the carnival with Cupquake. The carnival was built before creative mode was released in Minecraft, making building it an especially difficult challenge. The carnival is available to download on the Minecraft Forum, here, and here for Minecraft beta 1.8 and up

Cupquake's Carnival Skin


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